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Syride SYS’Nav V3: The Ultimate Tool for Competition and XC Pilots



The SYS’Nav V3 elevates your flying experience with its comprehensive suite of features tailored for competition and XC flying. As an altimeter-vario-GPS equipped with a G-meter, this device is designed for pilots who demand precision, power, and portability.

Key Features:

Complete Functionality:

GPS & Internal SD Card: Ensures accurate location tracking and ample storage space.
Worldwide Airspace: Stay informed about airspace restrictions globally.

Competition Compatibility: Equipped for competitive events.

Worldwide AGL: Access altitude above ground level data anywhere in the world.

Navigation Features: Navigate with ease during flights.

Power-packed Performance:

Ultra-Responsive: Boasts a swift response time with precision up to 10cm.

Thermal-Sniffer: Detect thermals efficiently with this unique feature.

Extended Battery Life: Enjoy up to 45 hours of uninterrupted use.

Instant Vario: Get immediate vario readings.

Transition Assistant: Navigate transitions smoothly.

Practical Design:

Riser Attachment: Positioned on the risers for optimal readability during flights.

Customizable Display: Adjust the screen according to your preferences.

G-Force Feature: Monitor G-forces during flight.

Online Flightbook: Log and review your flights effortlessly.

Light as a Feather:

Featherlight Design: Weighs a mere 90 grams, making it the lightest Alti-Vario-GPS on the market.

Technical Specifications:

Functionality: Alti-Vario-GPS combined with a G-force meter.

Dimensions: 10cm x 6.1cm x 1.7cm.

Weight: 90 grams, inclusive of the battery.

Sensitivity: Rising threshold adjustable between +0.1 m/s to +2.0m/s; Falling threshold between -0.5 m/s to -5.5m/s.

Display: Backlit and fully customizable.

Volume Settings: Features 3 volume levels and an 'OFF' mode.

Battery Life: Up to 45 hours.

Storage: Can store up to 1500 hours of flight data at 1 point per second.

Airspace Data: Worldwide coverage.

Waypoints: Capacity to store 25,000 waypoints.

Routes: Can save up to 150 routes with a maximum of 150 points each.

Output Formats: IGC, GPX, and KML.

Attachments: Comes with risers and cockpit fixing with Velcro.

USB Cable: Included for charging and data transfer.


The Syride SYS’Nav V3 stands out as a leading tool for competition and XC pilots. With its powerful features and lightweight design, it promises to be an indispensable companion for every flight.

Syride SYS’Nav V3


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