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Understanding The Sky by Dennis Pagen (New Edition): A Deep Dive into Meteorology for Aviators


"Understanding The Sky" by Dennis Pagen stands as an invaluable meteorological resource for aviators across all disciplines. The new edition, released in August 2022, delves into the intricacies of weather, offering insights that are crucial for every pilot's safety and understanding.

Key Features:

In-Depth Meteorological Analysis:

From micro to macro, the book offers comprehensive insights into various weather phenomena, enabling pilots to understand the air they navigate.

Micro to Macro Perspectives:

Gain insights into how air behaves around obstacles, the creation of micro-climates, and the significance of different cloud formations on flight conditions.

Universal Application:

Regardless of your flying machine – be it paragliders, drones, RC models, ultralights, or helicopters – this book offers valuable meteorological insights tailored for aviators.

Revised and Updated:

Building upon its reputation as a best-selling classic for over three decades, this edition has been substantially revamped, making it even more relevant for today's pilots.

Illustrative and Clear:

The book is enriched with clear illustrations that simplify complex meteorological concepts, ensuring readers can easily grasp and apply them.


Top paragliding coach Greg Hamerton and Skywings Magazine, among others, have hailed the book as an essential read for pilots.

About the Author:

Dennis Pagen is a luminary in the world of aviation meteorology. With almost half a century of flying experience, he stands as a beacon of knowledge and expertise. His contributions to sport aviation meteorology are unparalleled, with "Understanding The Sky" reigning as the best-seller in its domain. Dennis's affiliations with global bodies like CIVL and FAI further accentuate his authority in the field.


"Understanding The Sky" is more than just a book; it's an investment in safety, knowledge, and enhanced flying experience. Whether you're a novice pilot or a seasoned aviator, this book promises to enlighten, inform, and guide you through the ever-changing skies. Dive into its pages and emerge with a profound understanding of the very air you soar through.

Understanding The Sky – Dennis Pagen (New Edition)


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