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Introducing the XCRacer 2: The Pinnacle of Advanced Flight

Elevate your flying experience with the XCRacer 2, a glider meticulously engineered to be more user-friendly, comfortable, and stable than its predecessor. Whether you're aiming for XC distance records or the top spot on the podium, the XCRacer 2 is tailored for champions and is perfectly suited for pilots familiar with high-performance wings.

Key Features:

Advanced Shark Nose Airfoil:

Dive into superior aerodynamic efficiency and stability.

Precision in Control:

Experience the nuance of rear riser steering, allowing for more precise and responsive maneuvers.

Streamlined Design:

The reduced line layout minimizes drag and optimizes performance.
Advanced Internal Tensioning:

Enjoy a glider that remains stable and solid, be it at trim or full speed.

Minimum Drag Aerofoil:

Benefit from an aerofoil design that cuts through the air seamlessly.

Optimised Lift Coefficient:

Elevate your flights with a wing that maximizes lift, ensuring longer, smoother glides.
Join the league of champions with the XCRacer 2, a glider that promises unparalleled performance and precision.

To delve deeper into the capabilities of the XCRacer 2, explore Flow Paragliders' official page.

Flow XCRacer 2

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